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The keyword index is a alphabetized listing of common topics, commands and keywords for the full Knowledgebase system.



1D Points
1D Points - Switching Reported Direction
2D Points
4-Point Boundary Scan
4-Point Intersect
4-Point Intersect Tolerance


"About" Geomet Information
Activate a Stylus
Advanced Feature Editor
Align - Offset Alignments
Align - Pivot Alignment
Align - Secondary Datum
Appendix 2 - Tutorial Home Page
Authorize Request Form
Auto Direction Sensing


Bolt Hole Generator
Bug Report Form


CAD Graphics - Information Balloons
CAD Graphics - PCS Axis Icon Style
CAD Graphics - Point Style
CAD Graphics - Setting Global On/Off
Calibrate a Stylus
Calibrate using a Ring Gage
Cardinal Spline
Cartesian / Polar Reporting
Change Log - New and Updated Geomet changes
Chapter 4 Tutorials
Chapter 8 Tutorials
Circle - Datum Bonus Tolerance
Circle Generator
Circle Profile
Circle Auto-Seek Edge Command
Circle Tolerance
Clearance Coordinate System - Definition
Clearance Coordinate System Tool
Clipboard Service Tool
CMM Interface Chart
CMM Interface Drivers - Archives
CMM Interface - How to Indentify
Collect for Output
Colors - Graphic Default Settings
Concise Report Format
Cone Diameter - Offset Calculation
Cone Drop Ball Test
Cone Generator
Cone Generator Tutorial
Cone Offset - Diameter Calculation
Cone Tolerance
Coordinate System Commands Overview
Coordinate System Overview
Coordinate System - Align
Coordinate System - Examples
Coordinate System - ICS→PCS
Coordinate System - Introduction
Coordinate System - Offset Align
Coordinate System - Orient
Coordinate System - Origin
Coordinate System - Pivot Align
Coordinate System - Recall MCS/PCS
Coordinate System - Rotation Alignment
Coordinate System - Translate
Coordinate System - Translate Edit
Coordinate System Viewer
Copy and Append New Features
Cylinder Generator
Cylinder Tolerance


Data Point Report - Plane
Data Point Spread Error
Database - Multiple Stylus Files
Date Formats
Datum Bonus Tolerance - Applying
Datum Bonus Tolerance - Origin Building
Datum Bonus Tolerance - Tutorial
DCC Home Position
DCC Motors - Activation
DCC Settings, Junior, 101 & 301
DCC System Options (pre version 7)
DCC Target Homing
Default File Names, Extensions and Locations
Default number of hits - Qualify Stylus
Degree Reporting (deg.dec / D-M-S)
Delete / unDelete
Delete a Stylus
Delete All After
Delete Permanently
Diameter Averaging - Feature Selection Tool
Digital Readout
Digital Readout - Setting Global On/Off
Disable Motion on Feature
Distance - Extended Selection
Download Home Page
Double-Click Function
Duplicate a Stylus


Edit History Tool
Ellipse Tolerance
Encoder / Scale Setup  Manual CMMs
Examples - Coordinate Systems
Examples - Home Page
Example - Re-Qualify a Stylus
Export Tool
Exporting SPC Data Tagging
Exporting the Geomet Windows Registry Key
Extended Distance Tool
EZ Launch Cradle Definitions
EZ Launch File Index Builder
EZ Launch Fixture Definitions
EZ Launch Global Name Defaults
EZ Launch Manual Mode
EZ Launch Menu Activation Pre-v7
EZ Launch Menu System Summary
EZ Launch Menu System - Tutorial
EZ Launch Polling Service


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Fast Access Menu - Activation
Feature Attribute Tagging for Reports / Exporting
Feature Averaging
Feature Construction Home Page
Feature / Program Edit Tools Home Page
Feature Properties Tool
Feature Selection Tool
Feature Selection - Tutorial
File Archive Tool
File Extensions used by Geomet
File Names, Extensions and Locations
File Locations - Setting in System Options
File Version Saving
Fixture Coordinate System Manager
Fixture Coordinate System - Definition
Fixture Coordinate System - Edit existing assignment
Fixture Coordinate System - Recalling and Activating
Fixture Data Fields
Fixture Reporting - Activation in System Options
Form Tolerance - GeoTol
Forms, Suggestions
Forms, Request Support
Forms, Windows Version


GDT Tolerance Definition
GeoConnect Support Service
Geomet - Program Downloads
Geomet Change List, Version 6
Geomet Change Log, Version 7
Geomet Comparison Chart
Geomet Gage R&R Download
Geomet Home Page
Geomet Upgrade Form
Geomet User Interface
GeoTol - Introduction to Form Tolerance
GeoTracer - Manual Scanning
Graphic Display Commands
Graphic Screen Shot
Graphic Settings
Graphic Setting Tool


Homing the CMM - DCC Mode
Homing the CMM - Manual CMMs


IGES Entity Type Support
IGES Export Tool
Image Prompts
In-Line Math Calculator
In-Line Text Feature
Inch / Metric Reporting
Inside Radial Point, 2D
Inside Radial Point, 3D
Inspection Report Header
Installation Guides
Interim Coordinate System - Definition
Intersection - Circle / Circle
Intersection - Circle / Line
Intersection - Plane / Sphere
Introduction to Motion Control
Inverse Vector Point
IP - Interim Point
IP - Auto Generated
ISA Support


Joystick Identification
Joystick, USB Installing
Joystick Back Off Distance - DCC Settings
Joystick Vector Drive, Mapping to a PCS
Jump Too... Report Navigation


Keystroke™ Magic
Knife Edge Targeting


Labeling a Stylus
Latest Released Versions
Linear Tolerance Definition
Line Generator
Line - Offset
Line Scan Tool
Line Tolerance
Linear Compensation


Machine Coordinate System - Definitions
Manual Scanning - GeoTracer
Math Functions - Feature Selection Tool
Metric / Inch Reporting
Measured Features - Home Page
Menu—EZ Launch Summary
Menu Navigation System
Message Logging
Minimum Point Counts
Motion - Clearance Coordinate Systems
Motion - Disable on Feature
Motion Control - Introduction
Motion Edit Tool
Motion Edit Tool - One-Step
Motion Map Test
Motion Path Generator - Offline IPs
Motion XYZ Positioning
DCC Motion Edge Targeting
MP - Measurement Point
Multi-Point Error Limits - Setting


Non-Linear Compensation - Activation
Non-Linear Compensation


Offline Feature Generator - Circle
Offline Feature Generator - Cone
Offline Feature Generator - Cylinder
Offline Feature Generator - Line
Offline Feature Generator - Plane
Offline Feature Generator - Point
Offset Line
Offline Motion Path IP Generation
Offset Plane
Offset Point
One-Step Motion Edit
Ordered Reports
Ordered Report Tutorial
Orient - Primary Datum
Origin - Tertiary Datum
Origin - Datum Bonus Tolerance
Origin - Translate
Out-of-Tolerance Flash Message
Out-of-Tolerance Watermark
Outside Radial Point, 2D
Outside Radial Point, 3D
Oval Slot
Oval Slot Tolerance
Over Travel Distance


Part Coordinate System Definition
PCS Axis Icon Style - CAD Graphics
Pierce Point Reporting
Planar - Profile
Planar Profile - Data Point Reporting
Planar Profile Tutorial
Plane Generator
Plane - Offset
Plane Tolerance
Plane - Upper / Lower Boundary Planes
PMAC PC104 CMM Interface
Point - 1D
Point - 2D
Point - 2D Inside / Outside Radial
Point - 3D Inside / Outside Radial
Point - Offset
Point - Radial Point Tutorial
Point Style - CAD Graphics
Point - Vector Surface Point
Point Generator
Point Tolerance
Polar / Cartesian Reporting
Print Exceptions Default Tagging
Printing - Auto Print Commands
Printout - Concise Reporting
Printout - Custom Feature Selection
Probes - see Stylus
Probing Speed
Process Control Tolerance
Process Control Tolerance - Default Settings
ProCounter / ProCounter II Upgrade
Program Edit Tools Home Page
Projection Errors


Q-DAS Certificate
Qualifying a Stylus
Qualify using Ring Gage


Radial Boundary Scan
Radial Point Tutorial
Recall PCS/MCS Coordinate Systems
Recall Fixture Coordinate Systems
Recover Files
Reference Sphere Setup
Related Links
Report - Concise Reporting Format
Report - Custom Feature Number Ordering
Report Configurations
Report Control Center
Report Header
Report Navigation Keys
Report Offset Values
Re-Qualify a Stylus
Re-Qualify Stylus Averaging
Re-Qualify a Stylus Example
Re-Run Feature Averaging
Re-Run Steps - Manual / DCC CMMs
ReStart Program Header
Reverse Engineering Home Page
Ring Gage Calibration
Rotate Alignment
Rotary Table
Rotary Table - Inspection Process
Rotary Table - Axis Calibration
Rotary Table - DRO Setup
Rotary Table - Installing the CMM Interface
Rotary Table - Scale Factors
Rotary Table - System Options
Run Out - Cylinder / Plane


Scale Setup - Manual CMMs
Scanning Home Page
Scanning Tool - 4-Point Boundary Scan
Scanning Tool - Line Scan
Scanning Tool - Radial Boundary Scan
Screen Shot
Slot / Web
Slot / Web Tolerance
SO - Stand Off Point
Software Service Contracts (SSC)
SPC Export File Extension
SPC Feature Attribute Tagging
Speed Settings - DCC Settings
Sphere Offset - Calculated from a diameter
Sphere Diameter - Calculated from an offset
Sphere Tolerance
Sphere Repeatability Test
Spline Generation
Stand Off Distance
Statusbar Function v7.01.182
Stylus Database Manager
Stylus Edit Control
Stylus Management Home Page
Stylus Manager
Stylus Manager - Configure Columns
Stylus Manager - Sub-Menu Commands
Stylus - Choose a Stylus for Measurement
Stylus - Clean-Up
Stylus - Delete a Stylus
Stylus - Duplicate a Stylus
Stylus - Force Assisgnment
Stylus - Labeling
Stylus - Qualifying
Stylus - Re-Qualify
Stylus - ReQualify Averaging
Stylus - Setting the default number of hits
Stylus - Setting the Reference Sphere Size
Stylus Size Update with a Ring Gage
Stylus Rack Maintenance
Stylus Rack Setup Home
Suggestion Form
Support Features Home Page
Support Information Page
Support, Request Form
SX32w.DLL - GeoSecure Driver
System Options Home Page


Target Homing (XYZ Positioning)
Tech Note 1 - Vector Points
Tech Note 2 - Multi-Point Errors
Technical Note Index Page
Tech-Support, Submitting files
Text and Report Command Home Page
Text / Comment Feature
Text - In-Line Data Entry
Text - Manual Inspection Step
Tolerance Format Selection
Tolerance Home Page
Tolerance - 4-Point Intersect Features
Tolerance - Circle Features
Tolerance - Cone Features
Tolerance - Cylinder Features
Tolerance - Form, GeoTol
Tolerance - Line Features
Tolerance - Oval Slot Features
Tolerance - Plane Features
Tolerance - Point Features
Tolerance - Process Control
Tolerance - Slot / Web Features
Tolerance - Sphere Features
Tolerance State - Toggle On/Off
Tool Tip Help
Toolbar Activation / Usage
Training Sessions
Translate Origin
Traverse Speed
Tutorial Index Home Page
Tutorial - Datum Bonus Tolerance
Tutorial - EZ Launch Menu System
Tutorial - Feature Selection
Tutorial - Ordered Reports
Tutorial - Planar Profile
Tutorial - Projection Errors
Tutorial - Radial Point


U/V Rotary Axis Table
Undo - Edit History Tool
Unit-of-Measure Report Settings
Upgrades, Geomet Change Log
Upgrading FAQs
Upgrading your DCC CMM
Upgrading Windows 98 to XP on DCC CMMs
User Guides - Geomet
User Prompts


Vector Points
Vector Point - Generator
Vector Point - Inverse Generator
Vector Points - Technical Note
Visible State - Features


Web Index File
Windows Registry - Exporting the Geomet Key
Windows Support Lifecycle Policy








CMM Interface Chart
ISA Slot Support
System Upgrade FAQ's
Upgrading from Windows 98
Windows 98 to XP, DCC Systems


Tutorial Index