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  7.01.150   Geomet Junior, Junior+, 101, 101+, 301, 501 
  Command Activation
  Geomet provides a single operation to gather all data and associated files that makeup the entire inspection process. This operation is helpful for archiving inspection programs and submitting files for technical support.
  A word about submitting files for Technical Support. The inspection file you create (yourfile.GMT) is only one component of the entire inspection process. To submit your inspection program for evaluation it is important to include these files:
  • Inspection Program
  • Stylus Database
  • System Options
  • Motion Control Parameters
  • Coordinate System Database
  • Windows Registry Settings
  When these files are accepted by Helmel Support Teams, a test station can be built that allows the  technician the capability to evaluate all conditions in your inspection program.
  Images, screen-shots and PDF Inspection Reports do not allow the technician the chance to "Look behind the Scenes" at variable settings and features inside the inspection database. Unless otherwise specified, submitting images and PDF's should be done only upon request.
  Imagine for a moment the need to fix a rough running engine on your car. Providing the mechanic with a picture of your car will not get the engine fixed. The mechanic and car must get together. The same holds true with your inspection program.
  Collect for Output
The first step in using the Collect for Output tool is to open you inspection program (yourfile.GMT). This is required if you plan on archiving the inspection program and associated data fields.

Launch the Collect for Output tool:

File→Export→Collect for Output
Collect for Output
  Not all data is required in all archives. If you are just archiving your inspection, then only the inspection program, stylus database and if required, the coordinate system database.
  For this example we will submit all files by left-clicking the button <Select All>. Next left-click on the button <Perform Collection> and Geomet will create a new folder based on a time/date stamp. The file is located in the default "My Document" folder as shown below:

c:\My Document\Collect for Output\2010_1024_165313\
The results of the Perform Collection is displayed for review.

To easily navigate to the collection folder, press the button <Open Containing Folder>.
Collect for Output Review Results
All collected files will be displayed.

To submit these files to Helmel support, email the files directly to:

The contents of this folder will change based on the selected options. In some cases there will be image files if your inspection uses Image Prompts.
Collect for Output Containing Folder