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Activate a Stylus
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7.01.029 Geomet Junior+, 101, 101+, 301, 501 
      pre-version 7.01
  Before Geomet can measure or construct features, there must exist an active qualified stylus tip. The management of all stylus attached to the CMM is handled by the Stylus Manager. Through the Stylus Manager, the relationship between all qualified stylus is maintained which allows the use of multiple stylus during the part inspection without loss of data.
  Activating a Stylus
Activating the Stylus Manager can be done through the use of the 'w' keystroke or through the drop down menus [Qualify→Stylus Manager]. The Stylus Manager will display all current, qualified styli .

Set Active

Highlight the styli to activate and press <+ Set Active>, or press the <+> key on the keyboard. An entry will be made in the inspection report that a new stylus has been activated.

Hint: To navigate through the qualified stylus, you can use the Up and Down Arrow keys.

Depending on the hardware configuration, the Stylus Manager will prompt you for safe positions for motion to stylus racks or probe articultaion poles. The teaching of safe motion is accomplished through the use of IPs, or Interim Points.
Activating a Stylus
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