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The Concise Report format is an efficient and condensed printed report of you inspection reports. This report format print all standard essential inspection steps such as measured and constructed features eliminating program steps that deliver no final values such as stylus  and changes, PCS components to name two.

The printout is designed to reduce paper usage by printing feature attributes up to 3 wide in a single row. This means a 2D Circle uses just one line printed space.

Tolerance is handled through the use of a graphic icon which indicates the percentage of the tolerance band being used, or in the case of a out-of-tolerance condition, a value is reported.

Applying Concise Report

Concise Report can be printed on demand or at the end of an inspection run as a program step added to your report.

To print on demand, use [File→Custom Reports→Concise Format] from the drop down menus.

To add a program step to your inspection report that will automatically print at the end of an inspection run, choose [Report Controls→Concise Report]. This action will add a program step similar to:

29    Print Out Concise Report.

Concise Report Example

Taking a closer look at the format of the Concise Report can be viewed in figure 1.

figure 1, Concise Report

In this example, the report starts with feature number 3 which is a -X Plane. On the same line, the Pierce Axis and the two identifying projection angles are included. The third angle, normally considered non-essential, is omitted.

Each feature printed in Concise format is reduced to its most essential values automatically greatly reducing the size of the report.

To view a full page actual output, view this file: Concise.pdf.