Geomet 101/301 Knowledgebase

Welcome to the Geomet Software Family database of knowledge. From here you will find many topics for learning the Geomet Way. These topics cover the latest release of Geomet which is the current version being shipped. Many new topics may not be in your level of Geomet. We strongly suggest that you upgrade your  Geomet to take advantage of the latest features available.

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Chapter 1

Geomet Training

Geomet Levels

Geomet Comparison Chart

Software Installation

Authorizing Geomet

System Options

Hardware Configuration

Download - Software, Manuals and Support
Upgrade Questions and Options

Default File Locations

Stylus Management Tools

Stylus Manager - Qualifying and managing your styli

Using Motorized Probe Heads and Stylus Change Racks

Stylus Database Manager - Using multiple stylus databases

Feature Measurement

Macro Features

Feature Averaging

Coordinate Systems

Coordinate System Manager

Part Coordinate System Commands

Coordinate System Tools

Part Coordinate System Examples

Fixture Coordinate System Manager

Clearance Coordinate System Tools

Understanding Tolerance

Datum Bonus Tolerance

Process Control Tolerance

Out-of-Tolerance Flash Massage

Feature Constructions

Feature Recall





Geomet Interface - Menus and Toolbars

Support Features and Tools

Text and Report Controls

SPC Tags and Exporting

Inspection Program Editing Tools

Working with Motion Control

Understanding Direct Computer Control (DCC)

Motion Edit Tools

Feature Generators - Building Features Offline

Offline Motion Path Generation

Reverse Engineering

Scanning Tools

Building and Exporting Splines created from Data Clouds

Exporting Features

Technical Notes

Curved Surface Measurement with Vector Points

Multi-Point Feature and CMM Inherent Errors

Tutorial and Examples

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